A selection of Feedback and Reports
from Past Productions

What our Clients/Adjudicators Said ...


“…Alan P Frayn always offers a good script which is direct, funny and modern.  The choice of this script gave you a good start.  It was entertaining in itself and so was immediately a winner with the audience."  (NODA Report – Wayfarers Pantomime Society)

“…Another fun script penned by Alan P Frayn, the story of Cinderella with just that little bit extra.  Some very well delivered jokes, good colourful characters, jolly songs, plenty of audience participation which was perfect for young and old alike and was enjoyed by a full house! … With a lot of fast script and business, you certainly made us laugh!”  (NODA Report – Frant Pantomime & Dramatic Society)

"...What a delightful production! This version of Cinderella by Alan P Frayn was hilariously funny with gags galore.  This was a most enjoyable evening's entertainment."  (NODA Report – Lindsey Rural Players)

"...The script was original and exciting to watch as the plot unfolded – a good script means a good pantomime.  The jokes came thick and fast and they were new.  No more "right toe" or "you're next to an idiot" type jokes, but fresh and topical!"  (Review by NODA past President – Gillingham Operatic & Dramatic Society)

“…This script is clearly the best we have used, certainly in all the time I have been involved (25 years). Bravo!  The main comment from audiences has been that the comedy isn't forced, the jokes are genuinely funny and there has been something for everyone in the script, and the kids have been kept rapt with attention without any of the usual "toilet running"!!!!  Last evening I spoke to 2 little old ladies who have been visiting our pantos for over 40 years, and they were back for a second time because they said it was the best panto they had ever seen.”  (Paignton Pantomime Productions)

“…Once again we have chosen one of your fantastic scripts.  Nothing we have read compares with them and we look forward to performing Cinderella for our next pantomime.”  (Farnworth Performing Arts Company)

"...Having read a dozen Cinderella scripts since Christmas and finding nothing that inspires us, our quest is finally over, thanks to this refreshingly new version by Alan Frayn."  (Mickleover Players)


"...A very funny script by Alan Frayn set a wonderful panto ... the Giant was served by Piccalilli the Witch, Rancid the Ratman and Snatchet and Scarper, two funny broker’s men.  The King joined Dotty and Simon in some hilarious scenes." (NODA Report – Huddersfield Light Opera Company)

"...This was a slick, fast moving pantomime with a very funny script.  The jokes, most of them "one-liners" flowed thick and fast."  (NODA Report – Cannock Chase Drama Society)

"...First thing’s first. You need a good script. It’s always possible to create a poor panto with a good script but it is much, much harder to create a good panto with a crummy script.  And you chose well with Alan Frayn’s script.  There were gags-a-plenty in this show which kept the audience giggling and tee-heeing throughout with regular guffaws thrown in for good measure!   The show moved along at a great pace moving seamlessly from one scene to the next.  There was a good overall balance with visual and verbal comedy, a touch of the supernatural, evil and good, and a charming romance.  All the ingredients of a good panto were there."  (Somerset Fellowship of Drama Report – Cloverleaf Productions)

"...In over 30 years of pantomimes, Alan Frayn's Jack & the Beanstalk is, without doubt, the best script we have ever used!"  (Manor Operatic Society, Sheffield)

"...Jack and the Beanstalk has gone really well.  The script is really funny with laugh after laugh all performance long.  You really know your stuff when it comes to writing panto!  It really is very traditional but also up to date.  The UV scene is spectacular – thank you for all your help and advice.  Our reputation has been really enhanced by doing your version."  (Kidz R Us)

"...We had great fun rehearsing and performing your script, which we considered was one of the best we have used.  The balance of characters was just right – our audiences loved it!"  (Dereham Operatic Society)


"…Sadly, in many pantomimes, second-rate scripts are all too often the best that amateur societies can find.  Your company was extremely fortunate in finding and performing one of the best scripts I personally have seen! … The very good script helped this pantomime tremendously – it allowed the performers to act and have fun without losing the story.  The humour wasn’t, as it is so often, corny, but was amusing and current.  No wonder you had a sell out houses!”  (NODA Report – Frome AOS)

"...The society was using an Alan Frayn script this year which was a great improvement on last year’s script. I am a great fan of these scripts which are well constructed, with good humour, and a nice line up of characters, groups cannot go wrong with one of his scripts."  (NODA Report – Bridport  Pantomime Players)

“…Stage Right scripts written by Alan P Frayn are now seen frequently and performed on the amateur stage.  Quite rightly so, as they are guaranteed to be tightly written, true to the story and current, due to frequent updating.”  (NODA Report – Sidmouth ADS)

"...What a super pantomime this was!  The script was excellent – very topical and with enough 'adult humour' to keep the adults entertained, but not too much so that the children became bored.  There was simply no time to get bored here!  There were some great characters too: the Dame was just right – not too OTT but very funny.  I also liked the 'comedy double' of the Chinese Policemen.  All in all, it was a great evening's entertainment, thoroughly enjoyed by the almost capacity audience – adults and children alike – no mean feat!"  (NODA Report – Preston Musical Comedy Society)

“...Sleaford Little Theatre’s pantomime offering was Alan P Frayn’s version of “Aladdin” and my goodness what a slick and polished production they made of it.  This popular script is very funny, even some of the character’s names generated laughter – calling the Chinese police officers “Hu-dun-pong” and “Yu-dun-wong” caused much mirth, especially among the younger audience members.”  (NODA Report)

"...Every ingredient you would expect to find in a traditional pantomime was included – an excellent script (Alan Frayn), colourful costumes, and comedy with plenty of topical jokes, this was a sparkling production which kept the audience of all ages entertained throughout."  (NODA Report – Burton Amateur Stage Entertainers)

"...Aladdin is one of my favourite pantomimes mainly because it has such a good, strong story line.  This is really developed in the very funny and modern script by Alan P Frayn."  (NODA Report – Bolsover Drama Group)

"…Your script has really stood the test of fun and comedy because even up to, and including, the final dress rehearsal the cast themselves were still laughing at the jokes!!  Normally, of course, by that stage all the jokes have worn a bit thin!  However, not your wonderfully funny script!!”  (St Hilda’s Entertainers)

“…It was great! Thank you for a wonderful script, the perfect length, it zipped along, told a good story well, nice contrasts, every scene had interest and good scope for creativity!  The jokes – wonderfully topical – kept us all laughing from start to finish.  The audience loved them.”  (Ovingham Drama Group)

“...Aladdin went extremely well. The audiences all said they thought it was the best pantomime we had done. They thought the script was so funny and the story line was very strong.  It was my 28th production and I must say that the cast were loving it all the way through rehearsals.  They were still laughing at the script up to the show, which is unusual as normally, hearing the jokes over and over again, they tend to lose their humour.  Not in this case, all the cast loved it and everyone said it was a 'feel good' show!"  (St Giles & St Mary's Pantomime Society)

"...I've just got home from the first reading/audition and it was a hoot.  The cast were at times incapable of speaking, they were laughing so much.  One (very experienced) panto player said (whilst wiping away tears of laughter) ‘I've never corpsed at an audition before!’  Your scripts provide exactly what I was looking for – panto’s that are traditional in style and up to date, witty, funny dialogue and some good characters for the cast to get their teeth into.”  (Sodbury Players)


“...This pantomime by Alan Frayn was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.  It was an entertaining script with jokes coming fast and furious and many of them with a local flavour.  A really enjoyable evening."  (NODA Report – Riverside Players)

“…My first Pantomime of the season, and we are off to a good start – a superb script this year (Alan Frayn Stage Right Creative Ltd) full of fun, keeping the audience happy throughout.  Lots of tip top jokes for young and old especially in the "sewer scene”.  The Dame and Idle Jack had lots of slapstick with pastry and water in the galley scene.  Then up we went on to the deck where several principals performed a funny routine with mops.  After the ship wreck we were treated to an underwater scene lit with florescent lighting.”  (NODA Report – St Matthews Theatrical Society)

"...An Alan P. Frayn pantomime, following the traditional story of Dick WhittingtonIt was a good script, with many a pun and double entendre, and included up-to-date references.(Cornwall Drama Association - St Blazey Operatic Society)

“…It is with great pleasure that I can inform you that our production of your Dick Whittington received the ‘It’s Behind You’ award ‘for the outstanding production of a pantomime’ at the NODA London Conference & Award Ceremony.”  (Richings Players)

"…This was the most popular panto we have done for years.  One customer wrote ‘It was fantastic, fast paced, colourful and really funny!’  Another delighted family wrote ‘We were a party of three generations and all in total agreement that your Dick Whittington was one of the best panto’s we have ever seen!’  Many thanks.”  (Lindley Players)


“…My on-going issue with amateur pantomime is (and has always been) the quality of the scripts. They just never seem to be funny, often containing virtually no scripted gags with all the humour coming visually or from slapstick and ad-lib frequently conceived and delivered on the hoof. To be honest, it is quite often just not enough. I can triumphantly report that this was a notable exception. A brilliant script by Alan Frayn which was indeed slapped thigh deep in quality pantomime gags accessorised with some fantastic performers and some sixteen or so relevant songs all combining to create an evening where I laughed till I cried! … No pun was left unturned as they rattled their way through dozens of jokes, a wide selection of visual gags and some excellent audience participation … Pure genius, pure Pantomime!”  (NODA Report – Dereham Operatic Society)

"...I am a great fan of Alan Frayn panto scripts.  They are well written with great humour that appeals to all age groups and have lots to keep an audience engaged.  This is one of his less well known scripts but has just enough bizarre elements to provide the belly laughs when required."  (NODA Report – Brixham OADS)

"...Alan Frayn's Robinson Crusoe is one of the most exciting pantomime scripts currently available - a new version of the traditional tale with the spectacle and excitement of a South American start and finish.  With fun and frolics at every turn, Alan Frayn's formula for success continues.  At our first reading, group members were crying with laughter and our audiences simply loved it, hailing the panto as our best yet in 26 years.  Great story; great characters; great panto!  Keep them coming, Alan!"  (Stone Little Theatre)

"...I think you should know that when we did your version of Robinson Crusoe & the Pirates, we were still helpless with laughter watching each other in rehearsal, even when we had seen it at least ten times!  It was our first venture into pantomime and it proved very popular with local people.  Those of us who live in and around Tadcaster were having people coming up to us in the street weeks later telling us how much they had enjoyed it.  I think you might be hard pressed for a better accolade for your writing than that, Alan."  (Tadcaster Theatre Company)


"...A well written script, an outrageous dame and lots of audience participation are the essential ingredients of good pantomime and fortunately they were all present for Chipperfield Theatre Group's fast moving production of Sleeping Beauty.  Thank you for an evening of fun and laughter."  (NODA Report – Chipperfield Theatre Group)

“…Frayn’s family panto with fairies, witches, a king and queen, royal baby girl, growing up princesses and handsome princes helped along by Nurse Dottie Dettol, Fetch and Carrie pages, Muddles who’s muddled, a 100 years snooze, a forest of thorns, corny jokes, a little stardust to outwit the wicked witch, a bit of slapstick, you have a perfect Sleeping Beauty.”   (NODA Report – Wadhurst Drama Club)

“…Just to say thank you for our wonderful pantomime script Sleeping Beauty.  We had lots of favourable and positive comments from the audience as they were leaving.  We found the script easy to work with from beginning to end and it was easy to bring the characters to life.  The whole panto was slick, with lots of energy and above all fun!"  (Rowntree Players)


“…Yet another Alan P Frayn script was chosen, which was full of fun and frolics and gave a great opportunity for youngsters to take to the boards – a real mixture of traditional and new.”  (NODA Report – Frant Panto & Dramatic Society)

“…I must say that Alan Frayn’s scripts are so funny and so easy to work with that the experience has been a real joy.”  (Frant Panto & Dramatic Society)

“…Snow White was a great success.  I have to say I have never had so many people saying to me what a great script that was, so up to date and yet so traditional.  Well it worked beautifully.”  (Children’s Theatre of Bo’ness)


"...If I could describe this panto in one word it would be EXUBERANT!   It was great fun and went along at a very good pace."   (NODA Report – Seaford Musical Theatre)

"...This was a traditional “Panto” in every way, featuring a principal boy and girl, a goodie and baddie and of course the pantomime Dame! There was lots of comedy and audience participation throughout the evening."  (NODA Report – Corby ATS)

"... This is the tenth Alan Frayn pantomime that Stone Little Theatre has produced and despite the fantastic storylines, the fun, the frolics and the sheer genius of ALL the others, Beauty &The Beast has to be the best.  It's a brilliant pantomime adaptation of the traditional love story with the biggest ever helping of comedy from all of Alan's new characters and situations.  When we first read it, most of us sitting round the table were simply crying with laughter!  We couldn't wait to get it into rehearsal.  Who would have thought to give Belle two less glamorous sisters, each bent on continually trying to outdo the other?  Who would have dared to include a beauty parlour in the middle of Fairyland where even the Beast himself can get powdered and pampered by its two hilarious owners?  This has been our greatest adventure yet, Alan. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to make so many people smile."  (Stone Little Theatre)

"...I am particularly impressed with this Beauty & the Beast script as there are more comedy roles for women than usual.  The sisters and Monique are excellent parts.  So many pantomimes concentrate on the male comedy acts and the women are often sidelined!" (Fearby & District Pantomime Society)


“…We had a fantastic time with this panto and everyone thoroughly enjoyed performing it.  We now have the reputation of being the best village panto in the area, but can't do it without good scripts, so thank you."  (East Harlsey Pantomime Players)


"...This was just one of some very innovative touches from a very original script (Stage Right Creative Ltd).  Comedy there was in plenty and the scenes between Bashim and Grabbit were sheer delight.  The same could be said of Fatima – the scenes with these 3 and Mustafa were hilarious!"  (NODA Report – St Blazey Amateur Operatic Society)


“…This was a traditional pantomime of the Mother Goose story with all the expected traditions of the genre – song and dance aplenty and a good combination of reality and fantasy.  This was a very good script.”  (NODA Report – Kidz R Us)

"...Thank you from everyone involved with Mother Goose.  We had some of the best responses in many, many years throughout show week and our audience figures are up!  We have had nothing but praise for the choice of script!  It's been an absolute pleasure to have done it!  Fast moving, side splitting funny and fresh!"  (Whitby's Apollo Players)


"...This was not only my first visit to this group but also the first pantomime of the season, and the evening didn’t disappoint on either score.  The twelve days of Christmas took the audience on a fascinating journey, visiting different destinations in order to find the keys, which would in turn unlock the advent calendar, in one of the most enjoyable performances I have been invited to attend to date.  The audience participation really added to everyone’s enjoyment of the production … memorable moments are too many to list … I could go on and on as it was ALL absolutely fantastic." (NODA Report – Youth Onstage)

“…The Company really enjoyed doing a pantomime about Christmas (rather than a pantomime at Christmas!) and our audiences felt that we had helped them get into the Christmas spirit!  Thanks for your support - it's so nice to receive the personal touch.

Our panto was successful,
How they cheered and wanted more,

Much better than the West End,
Or the telly - that's for sure!
So all is well that ends well,
Raise your glass and give a cheer.
We loved your Panto, Alan,
Merry Christmas - Happy New Year!"

(Barking Music & Drama)


"...This was a lively, colourful and charming production which blended together elements from a host of favourite pantomimes. The concept being that a gang of panto archetypes (Principal Boy, Dame, Fairy and Fool) search for their place in the world of pantomime, trying out several different roles in a number of favourite stories including Aladdin, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. The central characters linked the narrative, along with the requisite hiss-worthy villains and other typical panto regulars – in what turned out to be a medley of panto's greatest hits."   (NODA Report – St Stephens Players)

"...I had not seen this pantomime before but I loved the concept of 6 panto’s for the price of one with each of the principals taking the same part in each one.   This was a cracking pantomime with lots of laughs.  A great evening’s entertainment."   (NODA Report – Newton AO&DS)